Health benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Superb Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin and Hair

Do you like to use olive oil in cooking? I am sure you love that taste. But have you ever thought of the health benefits of olive oil for skin and hair? Confused about how to make the best use of it? Don’t worry! You will get the answer soon.

Are you aware of the fact that drinking, cooking, and massaging olive oil has tremendous impacts on your skin and hair?

Well, I have bag full of superb advantages of olive oil for skin and hair to share with you.

You must have listened to the countless health benefits of olive oil earlier. But, now I am going to tell you how this ‘liquid gold’ can easily enhance the goodness of your health. With the 12 amazing benefits of Olive oil for skin and hair you can simply give a boost to your look.

Before that let me ask you that… are you aware of how many types of olive oils are available in the market? And, what is the best type of olive oil for your skin and hair?

No!! Well, let me introduce you the world of olive oil.

Types of Olive Oil

Today, with the growing demands for olive oils, there are various blends of olive oils available in the market. But there is no substitute for the traditional olive oils. Before introducing them into your routine healthcare, you should very well know each of them.

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

If you ask me what is the best olive oil for skin and hair, the answer is definitely the extra virgin olive oil. It is the most expensive one also. This unrefined olive oil has the minimum of acidity level. This is also rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. This oil is mainly used to serve with the salads and adds a unique flavor to it.

  • Virgin olive oil

This is another form of unrefined olive oil. It only differs from the extra virgin olive oil at its higher acidity level.

  • Refined olive oil

This olive oil is mostly found in the Indian kitchen and it is less expensive that the extra virgin oil. But it lacks the health benefits of the ‘best’ olive oil. But unlike it, refined olive oil can be successfully used for cooking.

  • Pure olive oil

It is the proper blend of refined and extra virgin olive oil. Since it lacks the nutritional value of the ‘best’ olive oil (like the antioxidants of extra virgin olive oil), experts ask people to use this olive oil for the betterment of skin and hair.

So, now you might have recognized that which olive oil is better for its nutritional value, and which one you should use for the treatment of skin and hair. If you ask me… is extra virgin olive oil good for skin and hair? The answer is definitely yes. But it may cost you higher!

Better you choose your best brand of olive oil for skin and hair according to your budget.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin and Hair

People often possess a strong believe in themselves that a regular use of olive oil can make them fat!

Are you one of them?

Well, let me brief you the tremendous health benefits of olive oil for skin and hair.

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  • 6 Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

Olive oil benefits for hair

Olive is a God’s gift for your hair!

Surprised? Know why!! It

  1. Makes your hair thicker
  2. Helps to reduce dandruff
  3. Provides solution for hair split ends
  4. Helps to remove lice
  5. Manages the quality of processed hair
  6. Conditions hair

This is not all guys!

To get the numerous advantages of olive oil for your hair, you should understand how to use it.

This is why I have brought a brief guide for you.

Usage of Olive oil for Natural Hair

  • Before using olive oil for hair, heat it slightly.
  • Next, gently massage the oil on your hair for 10-15 minutes, and leave it for overnight. For a quick remedy, you can leave it for at least one hour.
  • To get the best results, wrap your hair with a shower cap.
  • Finally shampoo your hair well.

Olive Oil – Good Moisturizer for growing Black Hair

First recipe:

Take a small bowl and mix equal quantities of olive oil and castor oil with hibiscus petals. Heat it lightly. Now, gently massage your scalp with this mixture and wrap with a warm towel. After an hour, shampoo well.

Second recipe:

Take a bowl and add a half cup of olive oil in it. Also, add a few drops of lemon juice and egg yolk into it. Mix well. Gently rub your hair scalp with this mixture and wrap your hair with a shower cap. After half an hour, shampoo well.

  • 6 Olive oil benefits for skin

Olive oil benefits for skin

When you think of olive oil massage for skin, firstly you think of massage on your face, and secondly, on your body, right?

Let me tell you the miraculous benefits of olive oil for your skin. It

  1. Acts as a good moisturizer for your skin
  2. Softens hair cuticles
  3. Helps to grow nails
  4. Acts as a good make-up remover
  5. Soothes in skin irritation
  6. Helps to fight aging

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Coconut oil v/s olive oil for skin and hair

As coconut oil is cheaper than the olive oil most of you often opt for coconut oil as a healthy substitute.

But these two types of oil are not equal in terms of their nutritional facts!!

Let me tell you why?

One tablespoon of olive oil and coconut oil is equivalent in calories, total fat, and zero cholesterol amounts. But they differ in the saturated fat amount! Coconut oil has 12mg saturated fat, whereas, olive oil contains only 1 mg of it.

According to American Heart Association, only olive oil fits as a healthy one for hair and skin.

Also, olive oil includes many good fats for a healthy body.

So, now you can see which one is healthier between olive oil and coconut oil!

What do you think now?

Did you find any suitable substitute for the tremendous health benefits of olive oil for hair and skin?

I am sure that your answer is a big NO!

If you really want to have a glowing skin and gorgeous hair, you should go for the olive oil solution. Believe me, it is unbeatable!

Have you found this blog significant for your inquiries?

If you have some additional information on the healthy benefits of olive oil for skin and hair, please share with us.

Stay tuned with us for more knowledgeable information on health and skin care.

Till then Jio Life Healthy!!

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