How to treat split hair

How to Treat Split Hair – 8 Effective Home Remedies

Preparing to have a get set go for the biggest celebration of the year?

But have you finalized your hairstyle? Yes? But did you do anything to those split ends? Oh! Don’t say no! These split ends have a secret key to ruin every of your efforts to make your hair look gorgeous.

You must start thinking of how to get rid of split hair…

Is cutting off your long locks the only solution? How much hair do you cut off to get rid of split ends? How often should you trim your hair to get rid of those split ends?

Well, friends, I have come up with loads of tricks for you so that you can easily say goodbye to those horrible split-ends in a quick time.

In fact, these natural tricks and easy home remedies can eliminate the option of trimming your long hair and can say a permanent bye-bye to them!

Surprised? Don’t you believe me?!  Oh! I know you will do after reading this blog.

First, let me explain why this split ends appear…

What are the main reasons for hair split ends?

  • Exposure to the sun, dust, and pollution for a longer time
  • Having hair bath with the blistering hot water
  • Harsh shampoo, and too much use of hair gels and serums
  • Regular hair wash with hard water (containing excess chlorine in it)
  • Irregular trimming and haircut to get rid of split ends
  • Lack of regular conditioning after shampooing hair
  • Overuse of hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curlers
  • Using the wrong type of comb or hair brush
  • Regular backcombing hair

So, friends, I hope now you can easily figure out which things are damaging your hair quality.

To repair your hair, you first need to put a full stop to further damages.

That’s it!

Next, we look forward to finding out the natural remedies for removing split hairs. Remember, prevention is better than cutting your long and adorable hair!!

How to get rid of split ends at home

How to get rid of split ends at home

How to get rid of hair split ends naturally?

These home remedies are a perfect solution to that.

  1. Egg mask

Eggs are a good source of fatty acids and proteins. Whisk egg yolk with a few spoonful olive oil and honey and apply it on your hair. After half an hour, shampoo well with cold water.

  1. Hot oil massage

How to get rid of hair breakage and split ends? Well, hot oil massage is the perfect answer to it. Heat olive oil for a few seconds. Take it on your palm and gently massage on your hair. After leaving it for one hour, shampoo well with cold water.

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  1. Papaya and yogurt mask

Papaya is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Mix ripe papaya with a few teaspoonful of yogurt, and use it on your hair. After half an hour, rinse well with cold water and apply shampoo.

  1. Mayonnaise therapy

How to get rid of split hair with mayonnaise? Well, this is one of the full proof solutions to wipe out split ends. Apply it on your damaged hair, leave for half an hour and shampoo well. This finds a solution for dandruff and dry hair as well!

  1. Honey and yogurt pack

Honey and yogurt pack

The ‘liquid gold’ is a miracle treatment for hair split ends. Make a thick paste of honey and yogurt, and apply to your hair-ends. After 30 minutes, shampoo well with cold water. Do it repeatedly and have lustrous hair.

  1. Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil pack

Being enriched with vitamin E, D, and A, avocado nourishes hair the best. Take a bowl, mash avocado into it, add olive oil, and make a creamy paste. Except for the roots, apply this mixture to all over your hair. After half an hour, shampoo well.

  1. Beer shampoo

Do you know that beer conditions hair? Yes, it makes a marvelous conditioner. Buy any branded beer shampoo from the market and wash your hair regularly with it.

  1. Banana, yogurt, lime juice pack

Take a bowl. Mash a banana, and add yogurt and a few drops of lime juice to it. Apply this mask on your hair and leave it for an hour. Finally, wash off with cold water.

Well, these home remedies are the best tricks to safeguard your hair from having that ugly split ends. But accept for these, you should follow some precautions too to maintain the effects of these useful home remedies.

So, now I am going to tell you some tricks to hack those hair split-ends.

How may this help to get rid of split hair?

Let’s have a look.

Tips to get rid of split hair 

Tips to get rid of split hair

  1. Do you cut your hair at home with the paper scissors? Yes? Don’t do it anymore. Instead, try the hair shears. They are sharper and cause less damage to your hair.
  2. You should fix a strategy for how to cut your own hair to get rid of split ends at home. Definitely visiting a hair stylist every one or two months is the best option.
  3. Apply sun protection serums on hair before going out. Also, wrap it with scarfs.
  4. Use proper hair brush to comb your hair.
  5. Do not use hot water for hair bath. Cold water in mandatory.
  6. A satin or cotton pillow case is recommended for sleeping on. It lessens the chances of hair breakage.
  7. Do hydrate your hair regularly.
  8. Use mild shampoo on your hair.
  9. Avoid much usage of hair dryers. Rather dry your hair with towels and natural air.
  10. Gently handle your hair. Do not try to comb it when it is wet!

Now, if you ask me is there any quick solution for eliminating the split-ends?

The answer is YES! Well, then dear you have to get a haircut to get rid of split ends. But regular trimming can help you to avoid a haircut!

Surely, after listening to these you might be thinking of how much hair do you need to cut off to get rid of split ends? Or, how often should you trim your hair to get rid of the split ends?

I must say that consult a hair specialist and learn the trimming tricks from them for the best results.

So, friends, are you satisfied now?

Did you get answers to all your queries about how to get rid of that irritating split hair? Are you going to apply them?

If you have something distinct to mention in this regard, feel free to share with us.

Just JIO LIFE HEALTHY and make a show-off of your lustrous and gorgeous hair to the parties!!

Stay tuned for hair and skin care tips.

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